Buckeye Protection Services - "securing your business for the next buisness day"



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Our Company proudly serves our Clients with cost effective, high value, and unique Private Security Services. Incorporated in 2005 and centrally located to best serve our Clients, Buckeye Protection. was created in response to the needs for an innovative, progressive, and knowledgeable Private Security Services Provider.


Our goal is to provide each Client with custom tailored security solutions that best suit your needs while keeping your bottom line in check. In an industry saturated with “Stereotypical Guard Agencies”, we strive to raise the standards of professionalism and service expectations. Through the efforts of our Proactive Private Security Services, we will deter criminal activities and reduce the opportunity for vandalism from occurring on your property.


The importance of establishing a highly visible presence and maintaining positive public relations is paramount to our comprehensive training programs. We actively encourage our Security Officers to be an approachable source of information to visitors, residents, and employees. Letting the public know we are there for them generates a feeling of community and safety.


Please take some time to browse our website and discover the many benefits our Company has to offer!

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